The Art of Jewels has a partnership with the largest Lab Grown Diamond Growers and Manufacturers in the world. We receive their inventory via an online feed, and that information provides us detailed information about each diamond, including videos and images, and certificates, as well as the physical description; carat weight, clarity, color, cut, and more.

Unlike traditional jewelry stores, we are not limited to minimal inventory. In fact, because of our advanced style of business, we have revolutionized the industry in a way that allows us to save you a lot of money.

The Old School Way of Selling Diamonds

Since the beginning of their inception, jewelry stores have carried inventory at their physical locations and have always been limited in the amount of inventory and selection they can present to the consumer. Let’s just say a customer comes to the store looking for a particular diamond and the jeweler doesn’t have it. The jeweler will then go to a local diamond dealer and ask for the diamond on a memo/consignment basis.

What is a Memo and How Does it Affect You?

A memo/consignment means a jeweler will go to a local diamond dealer and ask for a diamond they don’t have in stock so they may show the consumer. The jeweler has two options. They can either pay for the diamond in full in advance without knowing if the customer will purchase it, which never happens, or the jeweler can take it for an agreed upon price on consignment without the risk.

The agreed upon consignment price is always higher than the cash price. If the customer wants the diamond, the jeweler now must increase the price to offset the consignment markup. The local diamond dealer not only marks up for consignment, but they already marked up the diamond because they had to purchase it from another local dealer or factory overseas. Now, it is a third or fourth markup on the diamond. What does that mean to you? Well, it means that memos always cost you more money. Even if they are purchasing direct, they still need to purchase from a local dealer and then are limited to the amount of inventory they can finance.

How we have Revolutionized the Industry

The Art of Jewels has changed the industry into a commodity trading business model. We are the buyers of millions of dollars per month per factory/grower, therefore we are getting it directly from the source with no third-party markups. And since we are buying millions of dollars per month from them, we are getting diamonds at rock bottom prices. Since we do not need to stock the items, we do not have finance fees to pass along to the consumer either. We just charge a small markup for our service and pass all of our savings on to the buyer. In essence, we are working for you.

It’s a back-to-back transaction. The consumer buys the diamond from our site and as soon as an order arrives, we wire the money to the factory/grower. We are not asking them for payment terms, we are paying them cash which means they are not marking up their price either. They are treating us as a cash buyer, which is very different than most online large jewelry retailers and jewelry stores whose diamonds are marked up partially due to carrying terms with factories/growers. The fact that we do not carry the inventory on premise is helping you save money, and this makes us the best deal around.

Quality is the Most Important Part of Our Process

Delivering a top quality at a great value to you is the most important part of our jobs and we take a two-prong approach to maintain quality control.

First, we check every diamond prior to ordering it against its certificate for validity. Then, we check the video to look for any haziness, tinges, inclusions, or cracks in the diamond. Then, we go to the grower/manufacturer interface and recheck any alert comments (example: Does the diamond have a tinge and what is the luster? What is the brilliance?) We do it all in house through our interface. After the product is checked out, we place the order with the grower/factory.

Finally, we have a team member on the ground at every grower and factory. They physically check the stone prior to it being shipped to confirm there aren’t any issues with your order.

As previously mentioned, quality is the most important part of our process. If during the process in step one or two, we believe that a diamond is not suitable, we will either call you and offer a full refund or offer an even better diamond that is up to our standard of excellence.

The reason we make sure it is up to our standard of excellence is because we offer a Free 30-Day Return Policy to our customers, however when we purchase from the factory or grower, The Art of Jewels is not given 30 days to return an item, so it is very important we make sure that in the very unlikely situation that you need to return a diamond, we will need to be able to sell it immediately since we cannot return it ourselves.

Since we work for the consumer, we want your diamond to captivate others as well. We want you to receive compliments and be proud of the product you chose. We want people to ask you where you purchased your beautiful diamond, because we know that the product will sell itself. We also know that a happy customer will tell their friends, family, and co-workers about their experience. So more than anything, it is equally important for us to make sure the person buying and the person wearing the product is happy, because your referral means everything to us.

We Understand Your Needs

We understand that buying an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry is an emotional purchase. We also understand that for generations customers have walked in and tried on a ring and felt the metal on their hand, looked at the shape and size of the diamond on their finger, and admired the setting. We know we are asking you to make an emotional purchase with an unemotional process.

Our process doesn't suit everyone and if that is the case, it’s ok. If it doesn’t, then we recommend a local jewelry store. Our goal is to deliver the best quality diamond at the best prices, and we will never try to talk you into something you don’t want to do. We are a customer service-oriented company and strongly believe the customer needs to get the best possible product at the budget they can afford, and our goal is to make you happy. Remember, we work for you.

Other Ways We are Different

Most jewelers do not custom make their own rings – we do!

We are jewelry designers and manufacturers. We are in control of the process from start to finish. From creating the design to the final product, it’s all done in house. Each ring is custom made based on the exact measurements and shape of the center diamond or gem and the customer’s requested finger size. We do not use pre-made settings to fit your center stone, as 99% of jewelers do.

Example: In most jewelry stores and online retailers, let’s say a 1 carat diamond is 6.4 mm. Most of these companies create the mold of the design and have 10 rings ready this way. If a 6.3 mm diamond comes in, they will still use the same setting. We do not do this. The best part is, we do not charge extra for the work and are typically 10-30% less than anyone else on the setting.

Shipping Times

In the rare occasion we are late, please understand we are working hard for you and doing our best to make sure your purchase is perfect.

While we always expect to complete the ring to the customer within 8-12 business days, there are occasional delays in the process that are out of our control.

Here are a few items that can lead to delays: