The Art of Jewels Warranty Policy

Loose Diamonds

All diamonds, which are in our loose diamonds category, are accompanied by a diamond certificate from a renowned independent gemological institution such as the GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD or IGI. A certified gemologist scrutinizes the diamond under a microscope to analyze its dimensions, clarity, cut, color, finish, symmetry, and other important characteristics unique to the diamond. Although these organizations have strict, consistent and unbiased systems for grading diamonds, we do not provide a warranty for the findings of these institutions.

The Art of Jewels' Assurance of Excellence

Each and every piece of diamond and gemstone jewelry from The Art of Jewels must meet our rigorous standards for quality and exceptional beauty. We take pride in our workmanship and offer a one-time, lifetime guarantee on any accent stone of up to 0.10 carats. The Art of Jewels will replace any accent stone of up to 0.10 carats free of charge when lost for the first time subject to the following conditions:

  1. The item was purchased on the Web site and is accompanied by an invoice.
  2. The accent stone does not exceed 0.10 carats.
  3. The item has not been modified in any way by anyone other than an authorized The Art of Jewels representative.
  4. The accent stone was unintentionally lost.

A professional jeweler from The Art of Jewels will examine the piece to determine whether the accent stone was lost in a natural way (unintentionally). A The Art of Jewels representative will contact you immediately if any questions should arise.

Please note that this is a one-time guarantee. The Art of Jewels will only replace a lost accent stone free of charge the first time it is lost.

We recommend taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler every six months to thoroughly inspect the setting.

If you are not living in the Bay Area, please ship the ring to us. It will be the customer’s responsibility to ship the item to us fully insured, The Art of jewels will pay for the return shipping. We also offer a one time free of charge sizing excluding eternity and invisible bands. You will be only responsible for shipping charges to us, we will be responsible for shipping it back to the customer.

If you live in the Bay Area please Schedule an appointment for a repair on our website by clicking here

Accent Stone Carat Weight Policy

In accordance with industry standards and FTC regulations, the total carat weight for our jewelry may vary +/- 0.04 carats from the stated weight. In the case of a variation in the accent stone weight, The Art fo Jewels reserves the right to adjust the price accordingly. We will send you an e-mail noting the variation and the corresponding price adjustment.

Ring Sizing Policy

The Art of Jewels offers a one time free ring sizing with every purchase. This offer can be redeemed by you only once. For any request following your initial ring sizing request, The Art of Jewles will charge you a fee. This fee will be determined at the time of the request.

Here is the process to request your ring sizing:

  1. Please email us to
  2. Please indicate your order ID number
  3. Please indicate your requested ring size
  4. Please provide us with your current mailing address