Legal Notices

Since 1990, The Art of Jewels founders have been committed to providing our customers with an exceptional selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry. The foundation of our business is built on trust and a philosophy of treating our customers with the highest level of respect to ensure that we exceed your every expectation. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure with your purchase. The following policies have been created to enhance your online shopping experience:

By using, you agree and accept The Art of Jewels policies and terms. We may update these policies from time to time and will post any changes where applicable. If you have questions regarding our policies and terms, please contact Customer Service by calling 888-391-1130 or send an e-mail to before placing an order, and we will be happy to assist you.

Please know that the Policies and pricing on this website only apply to purchases made on the Web site. If you purchased an item from a brick and mortar location, you are bound to the policies and pricing of that particular store.

AOJ Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds Price Policies and Availability Policies

Natural Diamonds' and Lab Grown Diamonds' Price Policies; AOJ is connected to an immense database of natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds via Application Programming Interface (API), as such AOJ is acting as intermediary. The prices and availability you see on our website are subject to adjustments and rapid changes. AOJ is constantly updating its database in an attempt to accurately reflect the prices and availability of the natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds featured on our website. However, mistakes may happen, therefore AOJ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel your order and refund your purchase within Seventy-Two (72) hours of you placing your order. You agree that in the event that AOJ elects in its sole discretion to cancel your order that you are only entitled to a refund of your purchase price and no other remedy. AOJ will notify you immediately in the event that it elects to cancel your order. By proceeding to place an order with AOJ you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

AOJ's Ring Setting Purchases Policies

In the event that you elect to purchase only a ring setting from AOJ without the center stone, the following policies apply:

  1. You agree to email AOJ's customer service at immediately after the completion of your purchase with AOJ, with the information of your stone's shape and exact measurements. Failure to provide this information will result in AOJ shipping your purchase with the standardized prongs.
  2. All ring setting purchases are final. Only exchanges are allowed.
  3. Purchases of only ring settings are not subject to any of AOJ's Discounts. If you decide to purchase only a ring setting from AOJ you agree to pay the full price for said setting. All promotions and/or discounts do not apply to purchases of only ring settings.
  4. By proceeding to purchase only the ring setting from AOJ you agree to comply with the above terms and conditions.

AOJ Fulfillment Policies

AOJ is a marketplace, it does not own the diamonds showcased on its platform. To ensure compliance with AOJ's quality guidelines, AOJ's implemented a Quality Control Process. Upon receipt of your lab grown diamond order, your lab grown diamond order is immediately communicated to the supplier, the supplier then sends your lab grown diamond order to AOJ's quality control checking facilities, a gemologist then examines the diamond to ensure that there are no hidden defects that disqualify the diamond. Only once your lab grown diamond order passes AOJ's quality control will it be shipped to AOJ's US offices and thereafter will be shipped to you.

In the event that the diamond you selected does not pass AOJ's quality control, AOJ will attempt to reach and notify you of the defects found in the diamond that you selected. However, sometimes due to time constraints, shipping concerns and/or other similar constraints, it is impossible to notify you that your diamond failed the AOJ's quality control. In situations that AOJ in its discretion did not notify you in advance that your selection failed the AOJ's quality control, AOJ may proceed by either cancelling your order and/or replacing your selection with a diamond that has the same or better specification that does pass the AOJ's quality control process. By proceeding to place your lab grown diamond order, you are giving AOJ the absolute right to proceed in its discretion to cancel and/or replace your selection without notifying you in advance as described in this paragraph.

AOJ's Marketing Campaign Offers and/or Special Offers Policies

AOJ's Marketing Campaigns offers and Special Offers are limited in time and scope. A promotion code will be given to you, this code only applies during the time while the offer is valid. AOJ's Marketing campaigns offers and special offers cannot be combined with other discounts. AOJ's Marketing Campaign Offers and Special Offers only apply to items purchased during the time that these campaigns run. AOJ's Marketing campaigns offer and special offers cannot be applied retroactively to purchases that were made before the campaigns started and cannot be applied to purchases after the campaigns' end date. The code that you were given must be entered during the time of your purchase for any marketing campaign offer or special offer to be applied to the purchase. By failing to enter the code at the time of the purchase you forfeit your right to the marketing campaign and/or special offer. You agree that you are not entitled to a refund in connection with a marketing campaign offer and/or a special offer. By proceeding to place an order with AOJ you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.