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Why Choose a Lab Grown Diamond

Lab diamonds are real diamonds made in a lab using the same technique found in nature. They have the same composition and physical properties as natural diamonds and cost a fraction of the price. There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t choose a lab diamond. All of the diamonds at The Art of Jewels are GIA or IGI certified and our quality control evaluates each and every diamond at the grower or manufacturer level ensuring your item is exceptional.

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Zuri. our custom AI compares diamonds directly from manufacturers and growers against other online retailers. Buy risk-free with The Art of Jewels money-back guarantee.

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How We Save You Money

The Art of Jewels has changed the industry into a market place commodity trading business model. In-person Quality Control of Each Diamond at the manufacturer and grower level.

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Ask unbiased gemologists questions, or get help finding the diamond of your dreams. We cut out the middle man so you can buy directly without getting charged any price manipulation or commission to cover a third-party advertising fees.

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Free Diamond Grading Evaluation

Get a Free Diamond Grading Evaluation from The Art of Jewels - complete with a our certified gemologist review and complete diamond data completely free.

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