As part of The Art Of Jewels, excellent customer service, we partnered with to offer our clients jewelry insurance. Our experts have compared different insurance partners before choosing My Zillion. (

My Zillion teams are highly experienced insurance, and technology professionals who are profoundly changing the way insurance gets done. My Zillion is doing this by focusing on positive outcomes, and simply and clearly building trusting and supportive relationships with The Art of Jewels customers. Nowhere is this more important than when it is time to honor a claim, in a timely manner, and without hassle. Better Coverage, Better Rates, A Better Claims Process.

What Is Covered

  • Loss Protection-jewelry is covered when it's lost Theft Protection-jewelry is covered when it's stolen.
  • Damage Protection-jewelry is covered when it's accidentally damaged.
  • Worldwide Protection-jewelry is covered when you travel worldwide.
  • Disappearance Protection-jewelry is covered when it goes missing.
  • $0 Deductible-$0 out of pocket for replacement or repair.
  • Free Shipping-free prepaid shipping on repairs.
  • Natural Disaster Protection-jewelry is covered from natural disasters.
  • Zero Impact Claims-no increase in rates due to a single claim.
  • No Hidden Fees-no additional service charges or fees.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee-cancel anytime, full refund in 1st 30 days.

So What's Not Covered?

War/military/government action, nuclear hazard, normal wear & tear, intentional acts.

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