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Welcome to Zuri, our exclusive AI designed to find you the best price and quality by comparing diamonds from popular online retailers in a matter of seconds.

How Does Zuri work?

Zuri checks more than 20 parameters while comparing matching diamonds.

Here are just a few:

Similar Carat

Exact same

Exact same

Exact same

Exact same

Exact same

Exact same
Lab Report

Exact same

Zuri also looks for similar measurements and similar ratios, depth percentage, table percentage


“ I found a diamond on another site and am so glad I decided to check Zuri. I found a ring for almost $1k less right away.”

- Andrew M.

“ There is nothing like it. I just told Zuri what I was looking for and was able to compare it to other competitors within seconds. I almost paid $3k more on Rare Carat.”

- Jack D.

“ Zuri is like having your own little diamond buying assistant, except she is free and I saved me a boatload.”

- Cindy G.

“ Nothing says savings like Zuri. Thank you!.”

- Blake K.

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